Beach Grease Beer Review and Taste Test


A sunny summers day in Southern California is hard to beat; but our friends at Beach Grease Beer Co. know how to turn good to great with their unique brand of party. In a short space of time Beach Grease Beer Co. have established themselves as one of California’s premium producers of amber beverages, with this party marking the anniversary of two years in business.
Abandon all thoughts of jumping castles, balloons and a face painting that you might expect from a second birthday. Shift that thinking to bands, cars, motorcycles and of course the Uppercut Deluxe ‘Cut Bus’ Mobile Barbershop.
Festivities started early and by 1pm the front car park of their Vista, California, location filled up with Rat Rods, Hot Rods and a handful of custom-built choppers. Inside the brewery itself a crowd quickly grew around a back drop of hand painted surfboards, art installations and display motorcycles. Meanwhile, a range of bands belted out tunes, the Beach Grease brewing vats at their back providing very apt raw and grungy acoustics. Flowing through the crowd and pass the bar to the rear of the building, one found a slightly more mellow vibe of ‘classic cuts and pizza crusts’ with the Uppercut Deluxe Cut Bus serving up Free Haircuts to party goers, right next door to the Sgt Pepperonis Pizza Van. A combination of style and taste unlikely to be forgotten.
Brandon Perez – Owner and Operator of Vista Barber Co and Bradley De La Cruz of Bravehold Barber Co. cut up an absolute storm. Battling blazing sun and ‘beer’d up’ patrons to produce roughly 10 high quality cuts each. Thanks, boys, for your hard work and efforts, you can rest assured that any sore heads that followed the event will at least be looking sharp.
To the good people at Beach Grease Beer Co, thanks for having us and we look forward to the next soiree.

Beach Grease Blackmore Ranch IPA Release

Video by Casey Davis

Beach Grease Beer Company celebrated the release of its Blackmore Ranch Straight Shooter IPA collaboration with a launch party and ride day at Jeff Blackmore’s private Temecula, California, paradise. The day consisted of good times, some hot laps, and of course, some good brews.

Four New San Diego Breweries of Note

article : San diego magazine

This ginormous space is the old SpecHops location, complete with the shiny, (relatively) new brewhouse and long wraparound tasting bar. The Beach Grease folks have given the airplane hangar-like room their own motorcycle-surf-racing vibe, but have retained the variety of tasting nooks and crannies—outdoor patio, indoor table, elbow bar, seated bar—that make this space particularly fun and versatile (along with the sports-arena-grade sound system that blasts the place with music).

The beer lineup is solid, offering a good selection of styles that include a pilsner and a bunch of nicely done hoppy beers.  Oil & Water Black Lager is light and clean, but delivers very satisfying caramel, coffee, and chocolate flavors with a slight hop bite; Surf Reaper IPA stands out for its bold, up-front citrus character; and the Beer Savage collaboration, Cruisin’ for a Boozin’ IPA, is full-bodied and well balanced with a nice, hoppy bite on the finish.



shot by : Hoang Tran

Beach Grease Beer Co. "Getting Greased" in Costa Mesa with Pig Barber & The Hub Cats at Sgt. Pepperonis.


As heard on 91x

listen to the boys get squirley and lay down the story of Beach Grease with the beer for breakfast crew at 91x.

hippy killer hoedown / video recap

shot by : Hoang Tran

The sights and sounds from 2018 Hippy Killer Hoedown 10 with Oil and Water art show presented by Beach Grease Beer Co.


How a Streetwear Vet is Bringing Lessons From the Apparel Industry to Craft Beer

Beach Grease Founder creates a different craft brewery experience inspired by Santa Cruz roots, old cars, surfing and art & tattoo culture.

April 26, 2018 By Kailee Bradstreet


James Banuelos has his fair share of stories about starting companies. He’s seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurialism within streetwear and action sports culture. Instead of shying away from the challenges he knows lies ahead, he’s taking them head on as he delves into his latest brainchild, Beach Grease Beer Company.

The fledgling San Diego brand launched in local accounts in late 2017, but had already gained a solid following outside of its home base, with a unique aesthetic that goes beyond a typical craft brewery.


Recently, the up-and-coming company has found a new home at an old brewery location in Vista, California, where they hosted a quiet opening to friends and family in March and are ramping up for a big grand opening this summer.

James Banuelos, the mastermind behind Beach Grease.

James Banuelos, the mastermind behind Beach Grease.

Beach Grease was born in a nondescript business park just a few miles up the street. Banuelos – a seasoned vet when it comes to starting companies that live in the fashion and streetwear space – has been learning along the way as he builds a flagship tap room and undergoes the obstacles associated with this type of business, including proper permitting for brewing, licensing and distributing beer.


It’s a whole new world, but Banuelos overflows with energy when he speaks about the limitless potential the new business holds.

“I wanted to build a brewery and beer company on my own terms, do it methodically, include the right people and really embrace the community – do the right thing,” he says about his idea to start Beach Grease. “Something that is indicative of everything I grew up around: old cars, motorcycles, tattoos, art, and surfing and skateboarding. It’s all of it.”

The juxtaposition of beatnik, underground culture is now coming together with the craft brewing culture under Banuelos’ creative eye (he’s been involved in the art scene for decades, with notable showings at the Oil and Water exhibitions at LA’s Known Gallery, and at the helm of art-inspired brands Us Versus Them and City Fog, and creative agency Big Like Giants).


There’s no detail overlooked in the new space, down to custom-made tap handles inspired by car models – each with a coordinating illustration for Beach Grease’s different beers. And with names like Surf Reaper IPA, Surf Zombie Hazy IPA, Surf Mummy Pale Ale, Tears of My Enemies Lager and Pistons & Palms Pilsner, there’s certainly no lack of creativity.

Early distribution for the beer was limited to about 50 accounts in San Diego county but has since exploded out to more than 100 accounts in the zone. The team also just acquired a second Sprinter van to self-distribute to Orange County, Banuelos says.

The initial curated offering on tap at bars in the San Diego and Orange County areas will be followed by the gradual expansion of bottled beer in liquor and grocery stores, Banuelos says.


Beach Grease wants to take it beyond the brewery, with ideas to launch a chain of boutique hotels.

He applies the same distribution model learned from his days working in fashion, creating demand and brand value,through segmentation and initial limited quantities. Beach Grease’s tier 1 accounts that carry beer on tap will get exclusivity to limited edition beers, along with high-end tap handle designs, which Banuelos makes in house using 3D printing.

After experiencing success in the apparel business, why is Banuelos now shifting his focus to beer?

In some ways, it’s the next step – the next challenge – that is a natural progression to the other businesses he’s run.


Each had it’s own set of obstacles – learning to deal with corporate buyouts and licensing in the case of his brand Us Versus Them (which was eventually licensed by Stussy), and then facing the opposite end of the spectrum by going completely direct to consumer with a brand Trustworthy, which Banuelos built and controlled out of his own garage.

With the beer industry, a new set of roadblocks are presented – but the challenges are reminiscent of what Banuelos overcame in his other businesses.

“In the beer industry, if you didn’t come from a multi-millionaire family or know somebody, you would never be able to get into this business,” he said. “I’ve figured out a way to use my background and accomplishments in business to build this.”

He also sees the untapped potential within the market. With cookie-cutter craft breweries around every corner, especially in Southern California, Banuelos sees a huge opportunity to stand out by providing a different kind of aesthetic than the typical exposed wood and glass look seen in most spaces.


Coming from a streetwear background, Banuelos is putting a unique spin on a beer brand. 

He’s drawing on the sub-cultural pockets of California lifestyle (think hot rods and graffiti artists), and he’s partnered that with a quality, drinkable beer.

“If I’m going to spend $7 on a pint, shouldn’t I be getting something different?” he wonders about the current state of craft breweries. “Shouldn’t I be getting some type of experience from it? Especially here, in California – don’t we set the pace for the rest when it comes to doing cool shit?”

It’s not just about the breweries, either.

Banuelos sees Beach Grease as the perfect segue into the hospitality market, and already has plans in place for a unique chain of boutique hotels along the California coastline in iconic surf locations, that pay tribute to surf and skate culture, and feature old car memorabilia and other one-of-a-kind pieces. After that, he sees the model expanding globally.

It’s an ambitious idea for a relatively small start-up, but that’s never stopped Banuelos in the past.


“Have you ever heard that old saying, ‘They’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers?’ I think with social media and everything that’s going on politically in the world, if we stick together we have a lot of power.”

Banuelos is referring to the support the brand already has from various sub-cultural communities, which embody Beach Grease’s ethos. Despite market saturation, he believes this is the answer to breaking down a door in what has historically been a challenging market.

“This is really a David and Goliath story,” Banuelos adds. “These big companies will try to box me out, and the way I’m going to build this, there is no stopping it.”


Beach Grease Beer constructing in Vista

By Brandon Hernández 


There are plenty of reasons you may have already heard about Beach Grease Beer Co. Aside from having a website and social-media presence, the company has sales feet on the street and, as a result, has had beer on tap at roughly 50 San Diego County accounts over the past three weeks. That initial offering is Surf Reaper Golden IPA. But this interest has been mostly a mystery to those in the local brewing scene and easily the business I’ve been asked about the most over the past several months. Finally, there are answers and details about this upcoming entrant into North County’s fermentation field.

Beach Grease is the brainchild of James Banuelos, who comes to beer-manufacturing following a successful career in the fashion industry. He founded the clothing brands Us Versus Them (which is licensed to Stussy), City Fog Surf Co. (which was acquired in 2013) and Trustworthy, Ltd. Those brands paid homage to California subcultures including surfing, hot rods and custom motorcycles. A fan of craft beer, Banuelos never felt like the people in his social circles—those into the aforementioned Cali cultural sects—were authentically engaged by any brewery. Beach Grease is the vehicle he hopes to use to accomplish that.

Currently, Surf Reaper is contract brewed at Mission Brewery in downtown San Diego’s East Village, but that will not always be the case. After an extensive search, Banuelos has decided to set up his company’s headquarters at 3125 Scott Street in Vista. Easy access to major highways was a key attribute leading to his decision.

Over the next four-to-six months, he will be working to install a 10-barrel brewhouse (which will be manned by a professional brewer, the identity of which Banuelos is not at liberty to disclose at present). That apparatus will produce what Banuelos calls “climate-driven beers” that are “poundable.” Surf Reaper is a 6.9% alcohol-by-volume West Coast IPA hopped with Citra and Mosaic. It will be joined by a hoppy pilsner called Piston Palm, a hazy IPA, black lager and double IPA. Beach Grease’s beers will be bottled and canned within the next two or three months.

As far as the tasting room goes, expect a “modern art gallery” feel that incorporates surf, skate, automobile and cycle components. This will include classic car chassis and plenty of recognizably SoCal aesthetic elements. It’s Banuelos’ intention to primarily service visitors to his home base as well as people and accounts nearby, while bringing something he feels doesn’t already exist to Vista. He says it’s also important to him to respect the breweries that paved the way for new guys like him who, as a result, are able to enter the craft-beer community.

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Brightest Beer Futures: North


Brightest Beer Futures: North San Diego County

By Brandon Hernández | No Comments


Beach Grease Beer Company | 3125 Scott Street, Vista: This newcomer was founded by a successful veteran of the street-wear/action sports clothing industry who loves craft beer and feels no existing brands have authentically engaged the folks in his social circles. A contract-brewed IPA called Surf Reaper is already on tap at roughly 50 local accounts, but future beers will be produced at an upcoming brewing facility with a 10-barrel system and a tasting room decked out in a modern art gallery aesthetic.

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