Entrepreneur, marketing visionary, fashion designer, cultural conduit and philanthropist. Into all things having to do with commerce. James is a creative force utilizing underground subcultures, music, fashion, design and loyalty to express his distinctive style. Motivated by proving the world wrong about not being able to create a successful businesses, while staying true to ones core values, cultivating quantifiable efforts from a space of credibility and authenticity. Self taught, skilled by experience and instructed by instinct. 


In late 2007 our Founder James Banuelos became a capital investors and took the reigns in building the brand out, with international recognition in mind without looking back the streets were hit running. From 2008-2012 the focus was cultivating marketing initiatives from subcultures that had a level of originality and thus personal involvement and history. Never a fan of tracking or forecasting trends or what would be cool next season we decided to stick to just building campaigns from things we represented and were involved in. James was very hands on and very instrumental in building sales, distribution, marketing direction, mezzanine financing, production, managing of retail/warehouse, Ecommerce management/shipping & receiving, product placement, celebrity and athlete endorsements. With much success in those 4 years accompanied by a growing global word of mouth virus spreading like small pox the brand piqued the interest of one of the most successful street wear brands around. In late 2012 negotiations commenced with STUSSY, shortly after James and his partners decided to take advantage global licensing offer and a deal was put into play. Fast forward to today, with surging sales in the millions being trademarked in 37 plus countries the sky doesn't seem to be the limit for them.


City fog surf co (cf) was another clothing company founded by james banuelos, along with professional surfer, cj nelson.  Cf began in santa cruz, california in the fall of 2010. As the ceo and director of design and marketing, james  has continued to state that the idea for cf was simple.  He draws inspiration from all things he was subjected to and blessed with while growing up in santa cruz. Cj focuses on combining his over 20 years of contest surfing/r&d on developing the shapes with the focus on retro shapes combined with performance functionality, which make cf surfboards stand in league of their own. The influences from surf, lowbrow, custom car and motorcycle cultures are consistent within their graphic designs, ad campaigns and video look books. "We are cultivating projects and originating products that coincide with our surroundings. We do what is a reflection of our lives and from subcultures we have been part of.  James says, "i don't believe in creating campaigns and designs from things i have not been part of, or from making money from a life i did not partake in or assist in cultivating.   I believe this to be a cardinal sin. The world doesn't need another culture-vulture corporate feeding frenzy." we will maintain strict branding codes, stay true to our roots and ourselves while in pursuit of life’s stokes. With a ton of momentum built in under a year and mass distribution in retailers like pacsun and billabong, the brand became sought after by investors. Early 2015 city fog was acquired by a private party and is currently under new ownership.