Born March 29 1976 in Santa Marta Hospital, East Los Angeles California. Lived there with the family for a several years as a kid till a home invasion caused the family to pack up and move north. Father was a migrant field worker. Bounced around a few towns in the San Joaquin Valley from Stockton to Delano till settling in Tulare County Lindsay/Visalia. Grew up with a abusive but loving and hard working father and a stay at home mom till our pre teens. Growing up mostly around older cousins and uncles from my mothers side who where a huge influence both negative and positive... Family members consisted of bikers, pintos, veteranos, dealers, drug addicts, cholos thieves, but also artists, mechanics, painters and nearly jack of all trades. I would say I had a rad average childhood always out joining sports, swimming, camping weekends in Yosemite to the beach. Whatever my parents could do to get us involved in something. (our town was a huge Barrio.. shit hole) lol!  It wasn't till about 4th or 5th grade I started to lose interest in those activities and started hanging out more around my older cousins.  Gave up on swimming pools and sport practices for watching them paint graffiti, drink beer, smoke pot and work on lowriders.. By 6th grade I was kicked out of all public schools and forced to be home schooled.. That led to me wondering the streets during the day and eventually introducing me to similar kids "runaways, drop outs' lol and skating! By my early teens 13, 14 most of us were out of school or living in other kids pads.. We would skate all day, break in homes, swim in peoples backyards vandalize town, in and out of juvy, you name it. We were little assholes... By now most of us were on probation and forced to enroll into a continuation, witch would end up being a worse environment than the street. A couple Jr High skater punk kids forced to interact with the local gang, pot heads, pregnant cholas and metal kids but 80's ruled holmes lol! By 15 I had grown up fast, no more having "fun" with wild punk kids, ditched the boards and dropped out of school due to my behavior in different County School Districts. Now it was gangs, low riders, beer runs, smoking pot all day, guns all that bunk shit.. By 16 I was well known in town and not in the best way.. By the early 90's most of the people I grew up with or hung around were no longer in my life due to the lifestyle we chose. I skipped town to give another school one more chance but with that I ended up spending a few months in the Hall on a felony gun charge lol! Had my son at 16 witch he lived with me till he moved out for college, I got my high school diploma, got my first car in 92, 63 Impala SS. Lowrider, chain wheel, old cragers  bought another in 94, 53 2 door stock lowered. between me and my brother we've owned old Lincolns, 80s Regals, Monte Carlos, all been burned or totaled except the 63. Lowriders have always been in our family. We hit up Lowriders shows from Fresno to Bakersfield,  I've taken multiple welding and fabrication classes for the sake of saying I was school taught welder idk! haha Been into VWs since Jr High. Now I'm back doing what I like, Building, fabricationg, camping, coast, mountains, forest Volkswagens, food, friends family! Sorry for the random stories, I'm sure I misspelled a bunch of words and didn't make sense in some cases. Had a bad education!  But its just a quick little back ground on me in case I'm acting "trippy" at art shows and future hangouts haha! Trust me I'm not mental or anything like that lol. So basic bio,, vintage camping, exploring the outdoors, forests to the coast, nature, the roads less traveled, food and friends, loyalty and family, Volkswagens preservations and rebuilds, garage junkie, art and fabrication, good people, cervezas and in a life long pursuit of stoke!!