James Delacruz

Born and raised in San Diego California, James has been an avid surfer, skater and car enthusiast for close to two decades. His unparalleled passion for car culture as well as surfing has lead him to establish ‘The Diegans’ Car Club, that integrates customs and hot rods, and embodies all that is a Southern Californian mentality. In addition to his concentration of these projects, James has had a successful career in the medical field in the UC San Diego system, he is currently advancing his profession by attending nursing school. James is also a father, to his daughter Kai, who he tirelessly adores and hopes that his hard work and ambition will pay off for her  in the future as values to uphold.


30, Born in Saigon, Vietnam; raised in Council Bluffs IA; resides in San Diego Ca. Ridden the past 12 years as a professional freestyle Bmx rider. Traveled the world riding and filming BMX. Now for the past few years I have spend my spare time fabricating and wrenching on motorcycles.


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Born March 29 1976 in Santa Marta Hospital, East Los Angeles California.  

Growing up mostly around older cousins and uncles from my mothers side who where a huge influence both negative and positive...

Family members consisted of bikers, pintos, veteranos, dealers, drug addicts, cholos thieves, but also artists, mechanics, painters and nearly jack of all trades.

vintage camping, exploring the outdoors, forests to the coast, nature, the roads less traveled, food and friends, loyalty and family, Volkswagens preservations and rebuilds, garage junkie, art and fabrication, good people, cervezas and in a life long pursuit of stoke!!